Surviving Istanbul


Harmony. That’s the word that’s stuck in my mind, it’s not about what’s lasting or permanent, it’s about individual voices coming together for a moment … and that moment lasts the length of a breath. / Frank Underwood – fictional character.

Well these are the words which nearly equal what I have about Istanbul in my mind and in my heart. I think it’s huge, it’s full of chaos. I don’t really like to live in it. It has a lot of traffic in it. It is really hard to have a night life here. It has terrorism. It has places where you don’t really want to go or you don’t really want to see and I am 100% sure about that every individual who has been stuck in the traffic on one of the bridges said the same “Sh*t. I’m going to leave this city.”

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Budget Travel – Part #1

What is Budget Travel? 

According to, Budget Travel means making the most of your trip with the money you have.

What does that mean? Obviously, if you have money, you don’t have to think about your travel budget much. There is not much limit to the price of your accommodation, meals or transportation. You can visit any tourist attractions that you would like to, try diving, hiking, rafting, expensive local restaurants and rent a fancy apartment equipped with everything you may need during your stay, without worrying about how much all these will cost.


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3 GREAT reasons for travelling by car

There was a God whose name was Freedom. He had two siblings called Action and Thinking, Action had some kids and all of them were great but Travel was the greatest and the most interesting, one of the…Okay. Enough of the fairy tales. Here are three good reasons which proves you why you should travel by your car…


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Freedom – Luv…

I love movies and I have a lot of favorite movie scenes (as everyone else has), so now I want to write about 3 of them, which are unforgettable and stay in my mind forever. You have to know the fact that these movie scenes were built up on the subject of “freedom”, so if you don’t like this stuff, don’t go forward.

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Public transportation vs. car rental

So summer has already passed but this September was recalling the summer time with its exceptionally good weather. One week ago even snack bars and plages were open on the southern shore of Lake Balaton so visitors arriving in off-peak season could enjoy the sunshine a little more.

Many people go on a holiday this time, maybe only for a long weekend since the low season offers discounts at most of the places, not to mention the pleasant feeling of the absence of the crowd during this period.


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Here we are!

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