Drive responsibly- part 2.

In one of our earlier blog posts (here) we already wrote about the danger of sitting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, being too tired or typing messages while driving. For this reason we explore the topic from a different direction: the most important traffic regulations.


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When and why you should rent a car?

There are some situations in life when the best solution is to rent a car. Automobile renting has many advantages; either we need it because of our business or personal goals. Long term lease is recommended for companies, short term rental is recommended for private usage.


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Coolest movie cars

In this blog post we are going to give you a list about Badass cars from famous and well known movies from 80’s – 90’s which became famous maybe because of the cars in the movies or the owners of the cars in the movies. We are trying to focus on the most badass car with the most badass owner, let’s see if you agree with us or not.

  1. DeLorean DMC-12 (’81)

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy?

On the first the car is interesting and unusual with its gull-wing doors which opens to the sky and becomes famous with its best function that it can make time travel really simple. This car is now a reality of course not the time travelling function but the film fans has built many cars which looks and functions the same way. Of course it is hard to see them on the road while travelling to Budapest.


Advantage: You can travel in time.

Disadvantage: You can if there is thunder so that’s the disadvantage.

  1. Ferrari 308 GTSi

Also there is the great series called Magnum from the 80’s. In the series, the character Thomas Sullivan Magnum whose performed by Tom Select had a Ferrari 308 GTSi. On these days in Hawaii everybody has dreamed of a red sports Ferrari (but I bet nobody would be sad if she/he somehow got one, even today). The car didn’t belong to Magnum in the series he “rented” it from Robin Masters.

A few of us knows the fact, there has been a dark green Ferrari in the series as well which belonged to Robin Masters also but it has appeared for only one episode.


Advantage: Cariboo, you can enjoy the sunshine of Hawaii while driving with a cool pair of Sunglasses!

Disadvantage: You always have to rent it from Robin Masters.

  1. 1970-es Dodge Charger

In the first episode of Fast & Furious movie series Vin Diesel owned a 1970 Dodge. The steroid added 1970 Dodge has 9,4 liters’ twin turbo V8 motor performs with 2000 horsepower. There was a reason why Vin Diesel quoted in the movie „this monster has never seen a set of tail lights!”.

The car appears in many episodes in the movie series such as in the memorable closing scene of the seventh episode…

When we compare that car to the 4th place Ferrari we can easily see that it has a totally different effect. The car is a incarnate threat of coolness. Vin Diesel’s character in the movie made it more badass as well which makes the car even cooler!


Advantage: Pick-up, cool and buffalo strong!

Disadvantage: You need to 45cm biceps to look good in it.

  1. KIT (Knight Rider)

Every guy has wished to be an owner of that car in the 80’s. KIT wasn’t just an indestructible car, he also knew how to speak. According to the story the Knight Industries Two Thousand is an Artificial Intelligence system which can easily think by itself. Also, when David Hasselhoff used to have great days his character and his friendship with KIT was a great additional to the series. The series were popular for years and you can still watch the old episodes on cable TV. It has same fame with the DeLorean in the circle of fans and fan clubs.


Advantage: Indestructible, Amazingly Fast and you can talk with it.

Disadvantage: In the story the Artificial Intelligence haven’t lead the story to a good way.

1.Batmobil (from the 1989 movie)


Batman’s first car appeared for the first time in DC Comic’s Batman series in 1939, much more before the first film. Everybody knows that Batman doesn’t have any super powers such as flying, teleporting, super speed etc. so he needs a cool vehicle which delivers him from point A to point B. There were many types and styles of Batmobiles. In the 60’s there was one Cariboo version of the Batmobiles but the audience didn’t like it so much.

In the new Batman movies, the Batmobile was similar to a Tank rather than a car. That’s why our Batmobile choice is from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. It was elegant, cool and fast which is more likely to Batman’s character in the movies.


Advantage: This is a BATMOBILE!

Disadvantage: There are no Disadvantages, this is a Batmobile!


Also, there are many other great cars in great or not so great movies which could be in our list.

If you think we have forgotten some of them, please comment below!

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