Make good use of the long weekend!

This October is quite generous to us, as there are two long weekends in this month. October 23rd is Tuesday, November 1st is Thursday, so Monday October 22 and Friday November 2 is a holiday. It is worth planning visiting relatives and relaxing on these long weekends.


It is not a trick: with these two long weekends and with only 6 days of leave, you can get a break of 16 days – of course only if the boss gives you permission. Don’t be insatiable, though; let’s see how to spend these two long weekends properly!

If weather allows you, then definitely go hiking as spring will be the next time you’ll be able to do that again. Choose a domestic or foreign destination that you like then let’s go into the wild! You can kill two birds with one stone and also visit you relatives in the countryside.

This is the best way to travel!

The most important aspects of travel include safety, comfort and cost-effectiveness. Considering all three conditions, car is the best mode of travel most of the time. Even if you have you own car, the trunk can be too little for a family trip or when you travel with a bigger group of friends there is not enough space for everybody. Short-term car rentals are an excellent solution for such cases.

By renting a car, you can spare youself a lot of costs that you could not get rid of when using our own car. These are for example, the cost of highway vignette or casco insurance. In case of a trip abroad, the assistance service available 24 hours a day ensures that you’ll be feeling safe.

You can also add amenities to the car rental: you can request a navigation system or child seat if needed. You can find these services in the Budget fleet ranging from Opel Corsa to Ford Transit nine-seater minibus.


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