The process of car rental – international car rental

During a holiday abroad – both business trips and traveling just for fun – it can happen, that we have to rent a car. In this case, the rental process is quite similar to that of in Hungary.budget_blog

Discovering remote landscapes, or touring in the city it can be a helpful solution to have a car rented, so it is unnecessary to cross the country with a car of our own. Driving license (having at least a year), embossed credit card – Mastercard, Visa or American Express – with enough coverage on that. The amount depends from country to country. If these conditions are provided then we have two options for renting: directly from the car rental office or via a so-called aggregator website, where we can choose from many offers that of different offices.

Things to keep in mind

After we found the suitable website there are some factors that are advisable to keep in mind:

  • What is included in the price?
  • What are the terms and conditions of the insurance? (compared to the travel insurance)
  • The amount of down payment in case the car is totaled or stolen
  • Possible mileage restrictions?
  • Air conditioning, especially in the summer season
  • Is the size of the boot suitable for us?
  • Other costs/services that are not adequately indicated in the price (common examples: additional driver fees, navigation system, child car seat, snow chains, winter tires, highway fee, fuelling, additional insurance, border crossing fee)
  • Purchasing limitations of the credit card can cause that the office cannot get the appropriate amount of car hire deposit. Thus, it is advisable to raise the limit before renting.


Often happens that while an offer has a promising price, the car rental company does not have an office on the airport, so we have to find a transfer service or a taxi in order to get to the receiving point. In order to avoid additional costs of transferring, it is recommended to check whether the car rental company we have chosen operating an office at the airport, or not.

Useful expressions that are good to know

Border crossing fee: containing the possibility of a border crossing with a hired car. If the lessee does not indicate his intentions of border crossing and something happens with the car, then neither terms of the insurance, nor the assistance service ceases to be valid.

Additional driver fee: this kind of fee has to be paid if other passengers also want to drive the car besides the lessee. Worth to indicate at the office, because compulsory insurance validity can be extended to the additional driver, as well.

Additional insurance in Europe: basic insurance is included in the rental fee that means the lessee is responsible for the damage up to a certain amount – even in the case of theft. This is differentiated according to the category, form hundreds to thousands of Euros. The amount can be reduced if choosing additional insurance that has a two-step charge per day: downpayment reducing and downpayment redeeming. Make sure that the additional insurance covers the windshield or the tires, and how much we owe for the damage. The ferry is not covered, so it is advisable to inform about the terms and conditions of the ferry’s own insurance, before the journey.


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