The car rental process – the personal pickup and return of the car

shutterstock_298063157Our blog series introduces the whole process of the short-term car rental, step by step. In the very first part we reviewed the topic of online reservation. This time, we’ll focus on the personal pickup and return of the vehicle.

After you have successfully reserved the required car and the moment to receive the vehicle has finally come, it is important to be aware of some stuff. Before you start driving, it is worth checking the car’s status data sheet. You should compare that with the vehicle’s current condition, and if you notice some new scars that are not listed in the status data sheet, you shall report about them to the leasing company’s colleagues. This way would be easier to clarify that those scars didn’t happen during your rental time. What is more, you can also make a video about the car’s condition, just for sure.

It seems obvious, however, even the regular car renters can forget sometimes to always have the documentation of the rented car at themselves, and then give them back at the time of the vehicle’s return.

It’s important to check the fuel type of the rented vehicle before you start driving. The vehicle must be returned with full tank even in case of a short-term rental, so it is necessary to refuel at least once – this is why worth knowing the fuel type.

To avoid extra fees, always watch out for the cabin’s cleanness. In Budget’s cars, both smoking and the transportation of pets are prohibited. By ignoring this rule, you must pay a cleaning fee, that will be deducted from the deposit.

Extension of the rental

If you would like to extend the rental period, it is recommended to confirm the requirement in a written form and ask about the daily tariff to be continued. This is important because there are other fees indicated on the online comparison sites than in’s own webpage. If you reserved the rental via an intermediary company and you need an extension, then you can only arrange that on their platform. In a case like this, only the insurance given by Budget is available, meaning you shall require the insurance from the brokerage firm / comparison site. If there was no intermediary insurance from the company, then the Budget’s insurance will be kept on continuing automatically, meaning no need to extend that separately.

You return the car earlier

In case of prepaid rentals, Budget is not always able to refund the financial margin if you would like to return the vehicle earlier: namely that the client shall bear the cost and the responsibility (to avoid this, a deletion, two days before the return, shall be managed). If the rental fee has not been paid in advance because a deposit has been given instead, then – after the rental time is over – the client has to pay only for those days when he / she actually used the vehicle.

Accidents, damages and fines during the rental period

All the Budget renters will be given an assistance phone number and e-mail address to use in case of any problems emerged. A damage report form must be filled in case of any troubles – this is important for the insurance. We recommend to the foreign citizens to ask the help of the Police if the process of such form’s fulfilment is not clear to them.

If the renter causes a damage or an accident, however, misses the fulfilment of the accident statement sheet, but the other party acknowledges the responsibility, then the repair costs shall be borne by the other party.

If the rented vehicle is taken over – and the rental agreement has remained in the vehicle – a copy of the original agreement can be asked for during the opening hours, indicated on the website. It’s important to record any problem in a written form and send it to Budget to have a written document of the complaint which is easy to be found again if it’s necessary.

Fines must be always paid by the renter besides an additional administrative fee of EUR 40. The fine will be clearly indicated on the Budget’s invoice, while the different amount of fees can also be observed on the website of

Keep these in mind at the time of the return

Before returning the rented vehicle, you shall fill both the car’s status data sheet and the checkout form. With this step, you not only can clarify the possible misunderstandings, but facilitate the work of Budget’s staff. The vehicle shall be returned with a full tank, and of course, accompanied by the car keys and the log book. If you return the vehicle to the airport, it’s worth searching for the Budget label and park the car there. Before returning the car, it is important to check that all the personal belongings have been removed from that. Budget is not responsible for the lost items. It is strongly recommended to be personally presented at the time of the vehicle’s return since any kind of questions could emerge from both parties, thus it is more practical to discuss them right then. According to the General Terms and Conditions, the renter is responsible for the rented vehicle, returned after the official opening hours, till 8 a.m. on the next day. It’s also worth keeping in mind if you don’t leave the vehicle in one of the rented car parking areas at the time of the return, then the parking fee must also be paid by the renter.


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