The car rental process – tips for car reservations

In our series, starting right now, we’ll share some tips with you about what shall be considered when you rent a car. In this very first part, we’ll give you detailed information about online reservations.


There are nine long weekends in 2018 and even the summer vacations are approaching. These prolonged weekends and the summer holidays offer a great opportunity to travel somewhere. In case we do not have a car or our vehicle is not appropriate for the given journey – e.g. the car boot or the cabin is too small and there are many passengers and luggage – it’s worth searching for such a car rental company where we can make our trip to be ideal. If we have just decided on to rent a car, let’s visit the website!

Rent a car, step by step

After we have opened the website, by clicking on the ‘Rent a car’ menu, we can select the location of the car’s pickup and the return, also the country where the rental starts, and the exact office where the vehicle will be picked up and returned. There are two offices located in Hungary: one at_ Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Budapest), and another one at 19-25. Kassák Lajos Street (Budapest). We also shall select the start and end date of the rental. It’s worth choosing the closest office to us, however, in case we are easy-going, we can select the car delivery service, for an extra fee.

As the next step, let’s select the desirable car. When selecting a vehicle, the size shall be considered the most. It’s important not to choose a car from its brand, but by its parameters. Besides the listed cars, there is an ‘Or similar’ option to be found on the website. The reason of this possibly appearing option is that sometimes the firstly selected car is no longer available in the required period. You don’t have to become upset if that happens, since a very similar car can also meet your expectations: the other car is different in the appearance, that’s true, however, its power, trim level and the size category is the same as it would have been in the first vehicle. By selecting the size of a car, we can make the family vacation to be more comfortable: for example, an estate car is more ideal that time, since all the luggage and even the baby stroller or other bigger stuff shall be packed in the vehicle.

Before finalizing the rental process, it’s worth reading the Rental Conditions through to avoid any misunderstandings. That’s the ‘fine print’ part, usually skipped by everybody, however, that contains all the useful information concerning, for example, the conditions of an additional driver, age-related informations, payment terms, international journeys with the rented car, reservation cancellations and the so-called ‘No Show’ fees. What is more, additional information will also be provided there concerning the own contribution to the insurance and the renter’s responsibility, about the delivery and collection of the car, the required driving license and other personal documents, the refill fees, the one-way roads, the exact time and location of the pickup and return, and even about the extras. Reading through the Rental Conditions only takes some minutes, however, owing to that, a lot of inconveniences can be avoided in the future.

Use of cards, motorway vignette and the discounts

Right after the selection of the vehicle, we can also decide on which type of payment will be used for the rental: by immediate online payment or at the time of the receipt. It’s very important to know that the rental fee can be paid by using any type of bank cards (both for online payment or at the time of the receipt), however, the deposit fee can be debited by only credit cards (possible types: Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and debit cards (possible types: Mastercard and Visa). Without that the car rental is not possible! As the final step, personal data and contact details of the renter shall be typed. In case of a pickup at the airport, the flight number shall be provided as well, since if the client is late, the staff of the Budget will wait for him / her. What is more _ the airline can be added too to the website where the renter is a frequent client to obtain more and more discounts.

The following extras can be selected after the rental: GPS, child seats or booster seats, and additional driver. The additional driver option is important in _case_ more than one person wants to drive the given car. This shall be indicated to the car rental company, since the terms and conditions, and the insurance terms shall cover the additional driver, too. What is more, temporary discounts are also available for the renters: for example, a 20% discount (from the price of the reservation) will be provided to those who possess a Hungarian UniCredit bank card. After the reservation, it is fundamental to check the confirmation e-mail in detail, if maybe something has just slipped our attention. In case something _happens before the car is picked up, then it shall be known about the cancellation policy that a cancellation, free of charge, could only be done 48 hours before the rental’s starting time.

Our next blog post will cover the topic of the car’s personal pickup, by providing further details.


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