Drive responsibly- part 2.

In one of our earlier blog posts (here) we already wrote about the danger of sitting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, being too tired or typing messages while driving. For this reason we explore the topic from a different direction: the most important traffic regulations.


We usually forget about it, although it’s really important to check our car at least once a day before we get in. Check the car from outside, check the condition of the tires and also test the lights. After we make sure that the automobile is in good condition and we made the necessary settings, fastening the seatbelt is essential before departing. Even if we are in hurry or we just would like to drive a few blocks with the (rented) car, we cannot forget about it because a really small braking is enough to get injured or cause injury to someone else. If we are not travelling alone we should pay attention to our companion to be fastened.


Driving is a continuous series of decisions so it’s essential to know and practice the theoretical rules during an unexpected situation. In order to our own and others’ safety we have to comply with the rules of the road. The signs on the roadside contain important messages, for example the restrictions on speed, so we always have to take that into account. If we drive at a higher speed than the legal limit than our stopping distance increases greatly and there is a bigger chance to cause an accident in an unexpected situation. It’s significant to keep the proper following distance while driving behind somebody (at least two car lengths) within the city or outside the city so in case of a sudden braking it’s easier for us to respond. There are some well-known rules that road signs don’t indicate yet the knowledge of those are essential. Like the right-hand-rule and other rules of giving way in case of bike lanes and pedestrians for example.


So behind the wheel we have to constantly pay attention to our car, to the traffic rules and the traffic also. So we recommend leaving only after checking the car and paying close attention to complying with the rules. All of this is true no matter if you’re travelling with your own or a rented car.


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