When and why you should rent a car?

There are some situations in life when the best solution is to rent a car. Automobile renting has many advantages; either we need it because of our business or personal goals. Long term lease is recommended for companies, short term rental is recommended for private usage.


Businesses usually need more vehicles to facilitate their employees and top management’s transport into the office or to meetings or events.  One of the biggest advantages is that companies can write off the costs of renting, the VAT is recoverable and all costs are included in the renting fee. We already wrote about the numbers (here) and we showed how much you can save with rented cars.


If we don’t have a car because we live in an ideal place in terms of public transport and we travel abroad only occasionally, then it is not worth owning a car. It just loses its value while standing in the garage or parking lot and we continuously have to pay the maintenance costs. It’s practical to rent a car for these few days or weeks so we can save a lot. It might occur that our car is under the compulsory service and a short term rent is a quick and good solution. In the case of big car rental companies the toll, the compulsory insurance and Casco is included in the rental fee so we don’t have to worry about it. The only extra cost is the petrol.


So when starting a company or when we would like to cut down on our company’s expenses its worth taking a look at the opportunities of long term rental. Before trips and holidays it’s a good idea to look around at rental companies’ short term offers in order to travel comfortably and choose the right car that meets our needs and we can book it only with a few clicks.


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