How to have a successful (car rental) company


Quality products

Let’s check today’s best brands. Apple, Nike, Samsung, Rebook (since CrossFit) and etc. As you see the most important thing is to have a quality product, because people are looking for quality, they don’t want to change their products every second week or pay less but for more time. The main thing they don’t want to do is to risk their money with bad products. They want to feel it was worth it to be a part of this “business”, they want to feel the acceptance of themselves and the public’s (which wouldn’t be important but that’s not our topic right now J). So, if you want to have a good company the first thing is you have to be sure about to provide quality services.


Good customer service

The most important thing in every business is to have some customers. Especially loyal ones for the long run. When you first start a business, one of the most important thing is how you treat your customers. You have to care about each of them very much and you have to care about each of them equally. They would be the key factor which helps you to calculate the success of your business also because if you have many customers and they are getting more loyal in the long run, that means you are doing everything correctly. But if you see that your customers are usually one timers and they are not “recommending” you, that means you are doing something wrong but I guess it is not really hard to believe in it. If you think about the equation correctly you can easily see that high customer satisfaction will provide you less marketing cost because they can make the strongest marketing for you by recommending you to their friends, so do “viral marketing” for you without even noticing it. Shortly, if you want to have a small or huge company or you want to build up a brand, the key factor would be to treat your customers carefully and find solutions for their problems. For example, in our company we treat each customer very carefully which comes back in the high customer satisfaction reports.


Product/Service differentiation

One of the main things is to be competitive and have something in you which makes you competitive or just different. If you have something that others don’t have but your customers probably need it, that means you are winning that race. If you don’t have these kinds of services then you would be just an ordinary company in the market and you have to care about many other and different things to be a successful one. So in a nutshell, you have to offer something different or extra that your customers need to be successful in a short time which provides you the basics for the long run in the competition.



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