3 + 1 solutions for renting a car (and for anything else)

*Check out the common pages (ex. rentalcars, cartrawler, eurocar)

Everybody shops online and they can almost buy everything. But the real problem comes when you buy online something for the first time in your life which is a really common object/service for other people to buy but not for you. In that time, you are usually not aware of the prices and the market so you can easily got screwed from the seller’s side, by not sending the right product/service or by paying too much for it. Common pages can be really helpful in this times because it compares all of the brands and it help you to have an idea about a service or product. When you make a decision about the brand, it is really useful to check the decided brand’s website also because on their site they usually give more discounts. Sometimes these common websites don’t realize these discounts or the special offers the companies have adverted on their website. I don’t know the whole market but I know that in the car rental industry we really appreciate the people who make the reservation on our page.



*Be loyal to a brand

In real life being loyal to something really pays off most of the time. Like being loyal to your family, being loyal in your relationship or to a brand (unfortunately I have to say that there are some exceptions but we will not detail that…)In general we can easily see that all of the brands have their own loyalty cards which they are giving for free to make the costumer come back sometime. Also, many companies give special discounts for the people who didn’t really use their loyalty cards for a while. Sometimes it seems like it’s too much but you can easily see that everybody wins with these kinds of co-operation. I can say that being loyal to a rental car company really pays off. For example if you rent a car from Budget Hungary, we can really help you for renting with a better price on your next trip to Europe.


*Be an early bird

Whatever you are doing, likewise travelling. If you are not adventurer type people and there is a tiny bit of chance that you will change your mind in the last minute, it’s worth to reserve much before your holiday. It’s worth to plan your road, to reserve your accommodation and if you need a car, book one. After all the reservations have been made you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Your travel will be cheaper also than you would make payments in the last minutes. Of course, there are some last-minute offers that you can take and catch but it is really worth to reserve some service before your trip that you are sure about!

Képernyőfelvétel (75).png

+1 *Rent from Budget!

The main reason for that plus one is that you can get the best prices with the highest quality in the rental car market, for inbound and outbound trips as well. The green cars in our fleet can help you to have a silent and very comfortable trip until you reach your destination. If you feel like it’s time to have a car but you don’t want to buy just lease or your trip is ready but your car is missing, check out our websites (budget.hu, budgetflotta.hu) or write bravely to retacar@budget.hu for more information and to learn more.

Writer: torpedo8


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