5 Greatest Car Movies

  1. Gone in 60 Seconds


I don’t know if anyone remembers that one as a good film. First of all the story is not very original: a cool car-thief gang gets a serious job to steal 50 cars and deliver it to their “new owner” in a given period of time, or they will be in trouble. The gang fulfills the order.

Despite the simple storyline the film became an enjoyable movie. However, the two main actors, Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie didn’t help the movie become outstanding. The unquestionable thing is: if you love sport cars there is no doubt you will love this film. There are many beautiful cars but for me the most impressing one is 67 Shelby GT 500, which I think makes everybody’s heart lift who has a little interest in cars. From the 50 Car fleet, you can easily find Porsches, Chevrolets and Aston Martins as well. If you like to watch car chasing, this is the movie that you shouldn’t miss!

4 Days of Thunder (1990)


Few of us may know that the film was nominated for the 1991 Oscars in the best sound category, which helps you to realize we are talking about an A category movie. The story here is simple as well or at least…not very creative. The emerging young Nascar driver has a big car accident in a race, and he tries to come back from the hospital to win the most prestigious race in Nascar. Unlike other car racing movies there is a lot of positivity in the movie, which makes it stand out from the crowd. It was Tom Cruise‘s best time, the music in the background gives us the adrenaline and the speed of the car chasing the reality what a Nascar driver truely feels in a race.

The film is full of the 90’s atmosphere, so everyone who wants to feel it must watch it!

  1. Fast and Furious Movies (2001-)


Most people have a little doubt when they hear the title. The reasons are a smell of muscles, lame jokes put it in as cool and the little „thug life” feeling that the series has. Yes, it is not a movie anymore, it is a Cinema Series which produces its 8 movies while you are reading this blogpost. The seventh movie has become its own parody. They simply overdid it, the car chasing scenes were too much, their level too high, also Dwayne Johnson became bigger and bigger and Jason Statham’s appearance in the movie was too much as well.

But if we go to the cinema to enjoy a movie without having any big expectations such as Oscar nominations or a really deep story, we just go there to enjoy it, we will definitely have fun. The film has a lots of CGI animations which is totally acceptable as it has to be animated in nearly every scene because it’s too impossible now. We can easily say that Fast and Furious movies are based on effects and good scenes, not a good scenario. Although some people still believe in its scenario since the last scene of episode 7 where we say goodbye to Paul Walker.

  1. Bullitt (1968)


The movie ‘Bullitt’, where Steve Mc Queen is the main actor, was made in 1968. We can say that it really differs from the other ones. The first and main difference is, there were no CGI effects as in the Fast & Furious movies, all the car chasing and other action scenes happened the same way you see them in the movie. One of the car chasing scenes of Steve McQueen is 12 minutes long, and he did it all alone without any help of a stuntman. The car he drove was a 68’ Ford Mustang GT, in which he showed the ladies what a real man looks like!

Great story with great characters for me and for many people who like to watch movies with cars in it.  I still think of this one as a classic.

  1. Duel (1971)


The movie ‘Duel’ is the only one in the list where you can’t see awesome sport cars and macho main characters. The film is about an everyday guy called Dennis Weaver who is on a business trip, where he has to pass a bad path where he meets a truck driver. After that the movie is about Weaver and the unknown truck driver.

From this point of view the movie doesn’t really seem as an exciting one or a good one but still the name of Steven Spielberg gives us the guarantee for a good story and that we will definitely not get bored,  despite the fact that Duel was one of Spielberg’s first movies.

This low budget movie has become a classic nowadays.

Of course, everyone has a different taste in movies and maybe some of these films wouldn’t even make it into your list. Please don’t even try to imitate these action scenes…they have been made by professionals. Also, if you feel I’ve missed a big one or one that is on your list, please share your ideas with us!



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