Surviving Istanbul


Harmony. That’s the word that’s stuck in my mind, it’s not about what’s lasting or permanent, it’s about individual voices coming together for a moment … and that moment lasts the length of a breath. / Frank Underwood – fictional character.

Well these are the words which nearly equal what I have about Istanbul in my mind and in my heart. I think it’s huge, it’s full of chaos. I don’t really like to live in it. It has a lot of traffic in it. It is really hard to have a night life here. It has terrorism. It has places where you don’t really want to go or you don’t really want to see and I am 100% sure about that every individual who has been stuck in the traffic on one of the bridges said the same “Sh*t. I’m going to leave this city.”


Funny thing, I’ve mentioned these bad feelings about Istanbul, but the population of it still grows because we want to live it but we are not doing it. This is the place where harmony’s part comes in. After the time starts to pass and you get used to live here, you start to see the harmony here and there. Not fully but here and there. We feel it, we see it and the most important one, we believe in it. We start to see that the city’s structure is the chaos itself and we start to understand that this is how the city survives and so we do. After that, you start to feel love for Istanbul because you start to love the chaos, the dynamics and the energy that the city brings to you.  You don’t really try to change anything, you just start to understand that it is normal to travel 5km in 1 hour. For example, when you want to travel from Atasehir to Taksim and YOU make it happen in 1 hour by changing 4 transportations, you love the city here to start to see the harmony.  So what I see about Istanbul is that we don’t really have to survive it or that we survive it. I just feel that we get used to the harmony that the city’s spirit has in it and that we start to absorb some part of that spirit.


In conclusion, I think Istanbul is a really nice place to visit and it’s absolutely hard to live in it. But I still love it and I still don’t really like to live in it. Probably I started to absorb the spirit of the city too late that I have decided to leave it and live my life in Budapest and have a long distance relationship with it.


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