Freedom – Luv…

I love movies and I have a lot of favorite movie scenes (as everyone else has), so now I want to write about 3 of them, which are unforgettable and stay in my mind forever. You have to know the fact that these movie scenes were built up on the subject of “freedom”, so if you don’t like this stuff, don’t go forward.

The first scene which pops up in my mind is from the movie “American Beauty” where the main character Lester Burnham comes back from his work after his resignation and is happily singing Bruce Springsteen’s “American women”. The second one is from the movie “Papillon” (which based on a true story) where the main character Herri Charriere finally becomes free after fighting a lot for it, and shouts out to the world these words “Hey you bastards! I am still here!”. The third and last one is from the movie “Good Will Hunting”, when Will suddenly disappears, the next thing we see is that he is in his car, singing and going after his new life which contains no barriers for him. If you have watched these movies you can easily see they are all different. But for me these scenes have something in common, which is fighting for freedom and the big sacrifice they can make for it. Also it totally shows the relief of a soul and finally being proud of a good decision. Lester Burnham’s scene is the best from all of these because it is more real and it shows the real relief. He is in a car, he sings loudly and feels no responsibility. For me, singing in a car while driving is one of the best things. So it is the best scene for me! Is freedom worth it? For me, definitely. It’s even worth more for me! Because there is nothing worse than not being able to make decisions alone or even not having any idea about making a decision.

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But you also have to control your freedom because freedom means nothing if you don’t know how to live with it. Although it seems like a barrier, it’s not. It helps you to live your life to the fullest and be free for a longer period of time. Which movie pops up in your mind when you think of freedom? What are your favorite movies?

Képtalálat a következőre: „papillon ending”


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