3 GREAT reasons for travelling by car

There was a God whose name was Freedom. He had two siblings called Action and Thinking, Action had some kids and all of them were great but Travel was the greatest and the most interesting, one of the…Okay. Enough of the fairy tales. Here are three good reasons which proves you why you should travel by your car…


  1. First and the most important one is, go-as-you-please travelling!

When we go by bus, train or airplane we usually have a schedule what we have to “catch” otherwise we are not able to have the trip, and when you think of it, you also have to be there earlier than the departure time. So actually the time of the travel is longer than what we count as “net travel time”. So actually you are not just scheduling your travel time but also the time before and after the travel itself. Because you have to. But using cars you don’t have to schedule anything because you are choosing the road which will take you from point A to point B. It is your decision, you are responsible for the breaks, for the way, the place where you are going to eat, when you are going to eat and everything else until you reach your point B. When you think of it you can realize it is more fun and a “little bit” different from ordinary travelling…

Vineyard Lane - Spring

  1. You can have more fun!

Travelling is a funny business, basically for me seeing new things and changing my location is fun. But when I travel by train, buses or plane I cannot have too much fun because there are some barriers me and all of the people on the “vehicles” cannot pass. For example, you cannot speak and laugh loudly or play games, or if you have watched some American movies and you also like to, you cannot sing either. But when you go by car, you have to talk or do something else witch relates to communication, because the travel time is long and you have to find something to make it shorter. And these actions will help you to make it shorter, and suddenly the traffic disappears and we didn’t count that you can have some “family time” also. For me it is a good reason to go by car and it is much more fun.


  1. You are able to spend less money

An airplane, bus or train ticket is more expensive than renting a car or going to a trip by your own car. The main reason is that you can share your car’s expense with the other passengers but you cannot share a ticket with the other passengers, all of them have to buy their own. Also a car provides and offers you many options such as, meeting new people, find out new places such as restaurants, hideouts and some romantic natural places, there is a chance that you can find travelling partners for long term as well. Basically travelling is a great thing but the best is doing it by a car! Follow the rental car discounts and find what you need. And last but not least, have fun!



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