Make good use of the long weekend!

This October is quite generous to us, as there are two long weekends in this month. October 23rd is Tuesday, November 1st is Thursday, so Monday October 22 and Friday November 2 is a holiday. It is worth planning visiting relatives and relaxing on these long weekends.


It is not a trick: with these two long weekends and with only 6 days of leave, you can get a break of 16 days – of course only if the boss gives you permission. Don’t be insatiable, though; let’s see how to spend these two long weekends properly!

If weather allows you, then definitely go hiking as spring will be the next time you’ll be able to do that again. Choose a domestic or foreign destination that you like then let’s go into the wild! You can kill two birds with one stone and also visit you relatives in the countryside.

This is the best way to travel!

The most important aspects of travel include safety, comfort and cost-effectiveness. Considering all three conditions, car is the best mode of travel most of the time. Even if you have you own car, the trunk can be too little for a family trip or when you travel with a bigger group of friends there is not enough space for everybody. Short-term car rentals are an excellent solution for such cases.

By renting a car, you can spare youself a lot of costs that you could not get rid of when using our own car. These are for example, the cost of highway vignette or casco insurance. In case of a trip abroad, the assistance service available 24 hours a day ensures that you’ll be feeling safe.

You can also add amenities to the car rental: you can request a navigation system or child seat if needed. You can find these services in the Budget fleet ranging from Opel Corsa to Ford Transit nine-seater minibus.


Tips for driving in Fall


KÉPEKFor safe driving winter, it is not enough to replace summer tires with winter tires, more attention have to be paid to our environment and our car. On the Fallen damp leaves, the car can slip just as easily as on the ice.   Here are some tips on how to prevent accidents in Fall.

Fall season brings a significant change in driving: the amount of precipitation increases, the length of daylight is shorter and in parallel, light conditions are lowering. Accordingly, the experts advise us to drive more slowly and carefully, paying close attention to the tracking distance.

Unpredictable weather can catch people and cars unprepared: one day it was 30 degrees Celsius and the next day 10 to 15 degrees Celsius lower. In such cases, it is advisable to bring the vehicle to a service garage as soon as possible to check the brakes, lighting, running gear, fog lamps, fluid levels and safety components (e.g. airbag, seat belt, ABS, ESP, etc.). The quality and replacement of the brake fluid is also important. This is necessary every 2 years, regardless of the type of car. Also, check the windscreen wipers and the windscreen washer fluid, it should be chosen to withstand cold. And if we use the air condition for (also) dehumidification, it is worth get it cleaned and checked out.


Tire change, aquaplaning and tree leaves

As we approach Fall, we hear from everywhere that at less than 7 degrees Celsius we should change summer tires to the winter tires. Although tires are becoming more and more advanced, it is advisable to check them from time to time because the slippery time can challenge even the most cutting-edge tires.

During heavy rains, there can be so much water on the road that the tires can no longer squeeze out. Thus, even if the drive in the speed limit, there may be an aquaplaning phenomenon, i.e. layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface. In such cases, the vehicle loses its adhesion to the road and the wheels slide as if they were on mirror ice. Such accidents can be avoided by the use of appropriate tires and reducing speed.

Mirror ice is not only caused by water flows, but also leaves. In areas where large amount of leaves fell, due to morning frost the road surface can be just as slippery as ice.

We wish you safe travel without any accidents!


Class-bell ring!

The beginning of the school in September is a sad point in many children’s lives, but as for the parents, it means happiness! Because of sudden increase in traffic, moms and dads, however, can not respire, since their children’s inattention – their mind is still on holiday – is above than average after the long vacation.


School officially starts on Monday, 3rd of September, which means the number of the travellers increases and so does traffic. At the beginning of school year, kids are deconcentrated, and because of that drivers have to be more careful around schools, pedestrian crossings, and at bus stops. It’s important to watch out of children running through and stepping down the streets. The increased traffic will cause longer time period of travelling in the city. In recent years, police and civil guards are constantly helping in navigating traffics around schools, kindergartens and nurseries.

We wish everyone a safe journey!

The process of car rental – international car rental

During a holiday abroad – both business trips and traveling just for fun – it can happen, that we have to rent a car. In this case, the rental process is quite similar to that of in Hungary.budget_blog

Discovering remote landscapes, or touring in the city it can be a helpful solution to have a car rented, so it is unnecessary to cross the country with a car of our own. Driving license (having at least a year), embossed credit card – Mastercard, Visa or American Express – with enough coverage on that. The amount depends from country to country. If these conditions are provided then we have two options for renting: directly from the car rental office or via a so-called aggregator website, where we can choose from many offers that of different offices.

Things to keep in mind

After we found the suitable website there are some factors that are advisable to keep in mind:

  • What is included in the price?
  • What are the terms and conditions of the insurance? (compared to the travel insurance)
  • The amount of down payment in case the car is totaled or stolen
  • Possible mileage restrictions?
  • Air conditioning, especially in the summer season
  • Is the size of the boot suitable for us?
  • Other costs/services that are not adequately indicated in the price (common examples: additional driver fees, navigation system, child car seat, snow chains, winter tires, highway fee, fuelling, additional insurance, border crossing fee)
  • Purchasing limitations of the credit card can cause that the office cannot get the appropriate amount of car hire deposit. Thus, it is advisable to raise the limit before renting.


Often happens that while an offer has a promising price, the car rental company does not have an office on the airport, so we have to find a transfer service or a taxi in order to get to the receiving point. In order to avoid additional costs of transferring, it is recommended to check whether the car rental company we have chosen operating an office at the airport, or not.

Useful expressions that are good to know

Border crossing fee: containing the possibility of a border crossing with a hired car. If the lessee does not indicate his intentions of border crossing and something happens with the car, then neither terms of the insurance, nor the assistance service ceases to be valid.

Additional driver fee: this kind of fee has to be paid if other passengers also want to drive the car besides the lessee. Worth to indicate at the office, because compulsory insurance validity can be extended to the additional driver, as well.

Additional insurance in Europe: basic insurance is included in the rental fee that means the lessee is responsible for the damage up to a certain amount – even in the case of theft. This is differentiated according to the category, form hundreds to thousands of Euros. The amount can be reduced if choosing additional insurance that has a two-step charge per day: downpayment reducing and downpayment redeeming. Make sure that the additional insurance covers the windshield or the tires, and how much we owe for the damage. The ferry is not covered, so it is advisable to inform about the terms and conditions of the ferry’s own insurance, before the journey.

Summer programs by car


shutterstock_224552368_3The biggest festival in the region is the Sziget Festival, which has been organized for 25 years in every August. The multi-award-winning event offers strong musical line-up this year, too. Not only Hungary hosts similarly large-scale festivals in the region: the Serbian EXIT awaits with top-notch performers (line-up) us for carefree partying. The festival organized in Petrovaradin is only about three hours away from Budapest, and if we would like to and have the time, we can explore the region combining this with a Balkan tour. In addition, if you are going to the EXIT festival, you get a 10% discount on your Budget car rental!

Domestic vacation

Lake Balaton is the absolute summer hit! The Hungarian sea and its surroundings offer many programs throughout the summer, from beaches to cycling and gastronomy. The distance between Budapest and Siófok or Budapest and Keszthely can be covered by car in one or two hours. Of course, there are plenty of programs outside of the Hungarian Riviera: Hungary’s wine regions are awaiting visitors all year round. Eger is 1 hour 40 minutes, Villány is 2 hours, Tokaj is 2 and a half hours, and Szekszárd is one and a half hours away from Budapest. For those who want to satisfy their need for culture we recommend the Zsolnay Quarter and its programs in Pécs (2 hours 10 minutes from Budapest) or the Flower Carnival in Debrecen (2 hours 20 minutes) and the Szeged Open Air Games (2 hours).


Vacation abroad


The Croatian coast is considered an eternal classic. Holiday resorts with monarchical atmosphere such as Opatija and Rijeka (about 5 hours from Budapest), Rovinj and Porec on the Istrian peninsula (6 hours) or one of the pearls of the Dalmatian coast, Zadar (6 hours), are among the favorite holiday destinations of Hungarians.  However, the neighboring Slovenia is also magnificent: Portorož, Piran and Izola are not even six hours away from Budapest. Only 50 minutes from the Slovenian coast we can reach the Italian city of Trieste, one of the jewels of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. If you do not want to go down to the sea, we recommend Lake Bled (5 hours), and the Slovenian capital is also on the way.

Renting a car at the airport for a one-way trip

If a rented car will be picked up at the airport, it’s important to give the flight number of the aircraft, as if the flight is delayed, Budget will keep the car for us. In case of no flight number, Budget won’t be able to keep the car longer than the specified time. Giving the flight number is especially important after 7 PM, because rental stores are closing at 8 PM. After 8 PM, customers will be charged an extra 15 euros waiting fee, for each hour commenced. Are you flying from Vienna and want to reach the airport comfortably? With Budget’s One-Way service, the return trip is backed by Budget!

The car rental process – the personal pickup and return of the car

shutterstock_298063157Our blog series introduces the whole process of the short-term car rental, step by step. In the very first part we reviewed the topic of online reservation. This time, we’ll focus on the personal pickup and return of the vehicle.

After you have successfully reserved the required car and the moment to receive the vehicle has finally come, it is important to be aware of some stuff. Before you start driving, it is worth checking the car’s status data sheet. You should compare that with the vehicle’s current condition, and if you notice some new scars that are not listed in the status data sheet, you shall report about them to the leasing company’s colleagues. This way would be easier to clarify that those scars didn’t happen during your rental time. What is more, you can also make a video about the car’s condition, just for sure.

It seems obvious, however, even the regular car renters can forget sometimes to always have the documentation of the rented car at themselves, and then give them back at the time of the vehicle’s return.

It’s important to check the fuel type of the rented vehicle before you start driving. The vehicle must be returned with full tank even in case of a short-term rental, so it is necessary to refuel at least once – this is why worth knowing the fuel type.

To avoid extra fees, always watch out for the cabin’s cleanness. In Budget’s cars, both smoking and the transportation of pets are prohibited. By ignoring this rule, you must pay a cleaning fee, that will be deducted from the deposit.

Extension of the rental

If you would like to extend the rental period, it is recommended to confirm the requirement in a written form and ask about the daily tariff to be continued. This is important because there are other fees indicated on the online comparison sites than in’s own webpage. If you reserved the rental via an intermediary company and you need an extension, then you can only arrange that on their platform. In a case like this, only the insurance given by Budget is available, meaning you shall require the insurance from the brokerage firm / comparison site. If there was no intermediary insurance from the company, then the Budget’s insurance will be kept on continuing automatically, meaning no need to extend that separately.

You return the car earlier

In case of prepaid rentals, Budget is not always able to refund the financial margin if you would like to return the vehicle earlier: namely that the client shall bear the cost and the responsibility (to avoid this, a deletion, two days before the return, shall be managed). If the rental fee has not been paid in advance because a deposit has been given instead, then – after the rental time is over – the client has to pay only for those days when he / she actually used the vehicle.

Accidents, damages and fines during the rental period

All the Budget renters will be given an assistance phone number and e-mail address to use in case of any problems emerged. A damage report form must be filled in case of any troubles – this is important for the insurance. We recommend to the foreign citizens to ask the help of the Police if the process of such form’s fulfilment is not clear to them.

If the renter causes a damage or an accident, however, misses the fulfilment of the accident statement sheet, but the other party acknowledges the responsibility, then the repair costs shall be borne by the other party.

If the rented vehicle is taken over – and the rental agreement has remained in the vehicle – a copy of the original agreement can be asked for during the opening hours, indicated on the website. It’s important to record any problem in a written form and send it to Budget to have a written document of the complaint which is easy to be found again if it’s necessary.

Fines must be always paid by the renter besides an additional administrative fee of EUR 40. The fine will be clearly indicated on the Budget’s invoice, while the different amount of fees can also be observed on the website of

Keep these in mind at the time of the return

Before returning the rented vehicle, you shall fill both the car’s status data sheet and the checkout form. With this step, you not only can clarify the possible misunderstandings, but facilitate the work of Budget’s staff. The vehicle shall be returned with a full tank, and of course, accompanied by the car keys and the log book. If you return the vehicle to the airport, it’s worth searching for the Budget label and park the car there. Before returning the car, it is important to check that all the personal belongings have been removed from that. Budget is not responsible for the lost items. It is strongly recommended to be personally presented at the time of the vehicle’s return since any kind of questions could emerge from both parties, thus it is more practical to discuss them right then. According to the General Terms and Conditions, the renter is responsible for the rented vehicle, returned after the official opening hours, till 8 a.m. on the next day. It’s also worth keeping in mind if you don’t leave the vehicle in one of the rented car parking areas at the time of the return, then the parking fee must also be paid by the renter.

The car rental process – tips for car reservations

In our series, starting right now, we’ll share some tips with you about what shall be considered when you rent a car. In this very first part, we’ll give you detailed information about online reservations.


There are nine long weekends in 2018 and even the summer vacations are approaching. These prolonged weekends and the summer holidays offer a great opportunity to travel somewhere. In case we do not have a car or our vehicle is not appropriate for the given journey – e.g. the car boot or the cabin is too small and there are many passengers and luggage – it’s worth searching for such a car rental company where we can make our trip to be ideal. If we have just decided on to rent a car, let’s visit the website!

Rent a car, step by step

After we have opened the website, by clicking on the ‘Rent a car’ menu, we can select the location of the car’s pickup and the return, also the country where the rental starts, and the exact office where the vehicle will be picked up and returned. There are two offices located in Hungary: one at_ Liszt Ferenc International Airport (Budapest), and another one at 19-25. Kassák Lajos Street (Budapest). We also shall select the start and end date of the rental. It’s worth choosing the closest office to us, however, in case we are easy-going, we can select the car delivery service, for an extra fee.

As the next step, let’s select the desirable car. When selecting a vehicle, the size shall be considered the most. It’s important not to choose a car from its brand, but by its parameters. Besides the listed cars, there is an ‘Or similar’ option to be found on the website. The reason of this possibly appearing option is that sometimes the firstly selected car is no longer available in the required period. You don’t have to become upset if that happens, since a very similar car can also meet your expectations: the other car is different in the appearance, that’s true, however, its power, trim level and the size category is the same as it would have been in the first vehicle. By selecting the size of a car, we can make the family vacation to be more comfortable: for example, an estate car is more ideal that time, since all the luggage and even the baby stroller or other bigger stuff shall be packed in the vehicle.

Before finalizing the rental process, it’s worth reading the Rental Conditions through to avoid any misunderstandings. That’s the ‘fine print’ part, usually skipped by everybody, however, that contains all the useful information concerning, for example, the conditions of an additional driver, age-related informations, payment terms, international journeys with the rented car, reservation cancellations and the so-called ‘No Show’ fees. What is more, additional information will also be provided there concerning the own contribution to the insurance and the renter’s responsibility, about the delivery and collection of the car, the required driving license and other personal documents, the refill fees, the one-way roads, the exact time and location of the pickup and return, and even about the extras. Reading through the Rental Conditions only takes some minutes, however, owing to that, a lot of inconveniences can be avoided in the future.

Use of cards, motorway vignette and the discounts

Right after the selection of the vehicle, we can also decide on which type of payment will be used for the rental: by immediate online payment or at the time of the receipt. It’s very important to know that the rental fee can be paid by using any type of bank cards (both for online payment or at the time of the receipt), however, the deposit fee can be debited by only credit cards (possible types: Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and debit cards (possible types: Mastercard and Visa). Without that the car rental is not possible! As the final step, personal data and contact details of the renter shall be typed. In case of a pickup at the airport, the flight number shall be provided as well, since if the client is late, the staff of the Budget will wait for him / her. What is more _ the airline can be added too to the website where the renter is a frequent client to obtain more and more discounts.

The following extras can be selected after the rental: GPS, child seats or booster seats, and additional driver. The additional driver option is important in _case_ more than one person wants to drive the given car. This shall be indicated to the car rental company, since the terms and conditions, and the insurance terms shall cover the additional driver, too. What is more, temporary discounts are also available for the renters: for example, a 20% discount (from the price of the reservation) will be provided to those who possess a Hungarian UniCredit bank card. After the reservation, it is fundamental to check the confirmation e-mail in detail, if maybe something has just slipped our attention. In case something _happens before the car is picked up, then it shall be known about the cancellation policy that a cancellation, free of charge, could only be done 48 hours before the rental’s starting time.

Our next blog post will cover the topic of the car’s personal pickup, by providing further details.