The most exciting Hungarian travel destinations with the recommendation of Budget!

Hortobágy National Park

The Hortobágy National Park is the first national park in Hungary, established on January 1st, 1973 by the National Nature Conservation Office. It covers an area of ​​82,000 hectares. On November 30, 1999, in Marrakesh, at the meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the entire area of ​​the Hortobágy National Park was added to the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Hortobágy and the national park are already waiting for visitors: visitors can take part in various wilderness programs, get acquainted with the local natural diversity, the former life of the foals, the work of the national park, and the children are guaranteed to love the game park.

Safari Park Szada

Hungary’s first car safari park awaits the visitors as well, next to Budapest in Szada.

The two largest traveling circuses in the country, the Hungarian National Circus and the Richter Flórián Circus, with nearly 100 animals, are currently stationed in their winter accommodation on a 5-hectare area in Szada. The beautiful surroundings and exotic zoo offer an unparalleled opportunity for a safe outdoor experience. We can only drive into the park with a car with no open roof, where we can admire giraffes, elephants, camels, horses, donkeys and the most special members of the family, the sasquatches. 

Tihany primeval lavender

Another beautiful destination, with the most beautiful landscapes of which can be seen in Provence, France, but we Hungarians do not have to go that far if we want to enjoy the beauty of purple flowers. In Tihany, the lavender harvest is usually held in June as part of a festival.

Szalajka Valley

The high-mountain Szalajka Valley, which ends in Szilvásvárad, is one of the most beautiful parts of the Bükk Mountains, best developed for hikers. The rapid trout have been living in the Szalajka stream for a long time, in order to reproduce it, the riverbed of the stream was swollen back in several places, and an artificial farm was established. One of the most popular excursion destinations in Hungary, the valley-like valley inhabited since prehistoric times was named after the burning of lard called salalkali after Latin sal alcali. Many of its natural sights and industrial monuments can be explored on foot, by bike or by the famous forest train.

Top 5 Quarantine Programs

1. Board game

During this period, every home finally has enough quality time to spend together in quarantine. Dig out the board games from the depths of your cupboard and you’re ready to go to the party! Everyone has their favorite game, get Monopoly or Cluedo for family partying and fight each other! If you are already bored of these family-friendly games, try a new one, called Pandemic! It will not disappoint you!

2. Series

Haven’t seen your favourite one in years? Have you heard good reviews about Black Mirror, but haven’t downloaded it yet? Or would you rather watch Friends again? Now it’s guaranteed you’ll have time for it! Start collecting series to see!

3. Video chat

Do you miss your friends? Haven’t  you seen your parents for a long time? Call them on video chat and stay connected virtually!

4. Read a book!

Now you can deliver on your old promises and read some exciting books in peace! Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment should remain on the shelf, but grab one of Agatha Christie’s or Stephen King’s books. If there’re younger ones in the family, we recommend Harry Potter books to read for them!

4. Stay positive!

We know that the situation is very difficult, but always stay positive and think about the good side of things too! Believe us, time will pass easier and faster!

5. Plan a new destination!

While we know it may seem like a distant dream, now is the time to carefully plan your next inland destination! Choose one of our reliable cars and dream about the programs of your next boot list destination!

Iconic cars from the movie screen!

Iconic cars from the movie screen If we say DeLorean DMC-12, which movie comes to mind right away? Follow Budget’s Facebook page because we’re getting a cool game for you in April and May!

Who wouldn’t have dreamed in his childhood that he would one day have a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that speaks, guiding itself, and even can fly?

We have collected for you the coolest and most iconic cars that have been featured in well-known movies. While these cars no longer enjoy as much popularity as they deserve, there are, of course, some that have become real legends over time. Suffice it to mention the Toyota Supra, which appears in the movie Fast and Furious, or the ’67 Mustang in the movie Gone In Sixty Seconds, or just the best models in the James Bond movies.  

In our compilation, you can come across five well-known cars from iconic, popular movies, but there are also a number of other ones that owe their true fame to the movie screen.

Let’s start guessing! Follow us on the Budget Facebook page and take part in our game!

Everything, that you need to know about Budget

Safety, comfort and economy are always key aspects of passenger transport. Someone’s own car may not be able to accommodate too many luggage. In such cases, the perfect solution is short-term car rental for a rental period of less than 28 days.

Renting a car can save you a lot of costs that we would not be able to exempt from paying for our own car. These include motorway sticker fees and casco insurance.

All the features of a rented car can be tailored to our needs. It shouldn’t be a problem if we count on a lot of luggage and need the luggage of a station wagon. Snow chains, navigation systems or Wi-Fi can be requested upon request. And if we were to get him a bigger company, we wouldn’t have to drive two cars. By renting a 9-passenger minibus you can save a lot of your fuel costs and use the car without a kilometer limit.

Founded in 1958, Budget Rent-a-Car is one of the largest car rental and leasing companies in the world. Its services include short and long term rental and professional corporate fleet solutions. It aims to provide customer-friendly, quality service at extremely affordable prices, and to find the perfect solution for everyone in its fleet of over 500 vehicles, constantly renewing.

Budget Fleet Solutions

Our February blog post is about the benefits of fleet services.

Why Choose Budget Fleet Services? Let us tell you now!

Expenses include long-term rent, transparent, predictable expenses, and a fleet that can be customized to meet the needs of the company, including Budget Operational Leasing.

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Other benefits:

The vehicles are fully covered by insurance and theft insurance, as well as Casco, and if you get stuck, you don’t have to worry about our Europe Assistance and Take-Back service (the first in Europe and the whole of Hungary).

Budget Hungary takes over the entire insurance and Casco administration. All you have to do is fill out an accident report form. The contract includes mandatory and optional service charges (as described in the contract), performance tax and company tax.

Mini Lease service by Budget!

We would like to introduce you our new service, the Mini Lease! Budget Hungary’s Mini Lease service aims to provide short-term car rentals without commitment, flexibility and low rates. It’s not a lease but much more than a conventional car rental.

Why is Mini Lease the best choice?

Because we handle the lease period flexibly, so you do not have to commit to the long term.

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Because we handle the administration of cars!

Monthly fees include the Hungarian motorway sticker fee, insurance premium, winter operation, foreign use and more people can use the rented vehicle! Our contact delegates will help you with questions about our rented cars.

Because our car’s selection is wide and their condition is impeccable!

The average age of our cars is only 5 months, in many cases we can provide a 1-2 month car to our customers with low mileage so the renter can experience a new car driving experience. For companies, you can also increase employee satisfaction by using a nearly new car that is immature. In our fleet, all types of cars are the most popular types. Compact size cars, luxury cars, city cross-over, and the new i3 BMW electric car is also available in our selection.

For whom and for what cases do we recommend Mini Lease?

In the case of companies, the purchase of new cars may take up to 2-3 months from the order until the car is put into service. In such cases, Mini Lease offers fast, inexpensive and flexible assistance.

Available for individuals and entrepreneurs!

An ideal solution for those who want to keep up with traditional lease contracts and want a shorter, more flexible rental. The number of companies using our Mini Lease service has doubled over the last six months, which is why we believe that our customers are choosing us as they get the best service in return for the best possible price.

Októberi programajánló

Tengernyi zseniális program lesz Budapesten októberben: kiállítások, fesztiválok, koncertek, filmvetítések, beszélgetések. Összegyűjtöttünk nektek egy párat, böngésszetek!

World Press Photo kiállítás (2019. szeptember 19. – október 23.)

Szeptember 19-től október 23-ig a Magyar Nemzeti Múzeumban lehet megnézni a World Press Photo nagyszabású 2019-es tárlatát, amely a világ számos országából beküldött fotók legjobbjait állítja a nagyközönség elé. Az utazó kiállítás minden évben 45 ország több mint 100 városába jut el. Olyan történeteket mutat be, amelyek megállítják az embereket, empátiára és gondolkodásra késztetnek.

Klímariadó! 19. ARC kiállítás (2019. szeptember 27. – október 13.)

Szeptember 27-én nyitotta meg kapuit az idei ARC plakátkiállítás, melyen ezúttal is a “közérzeti pályázatra” beérkezett legszínvonalasabb műveket láthatja az érdeklődő közönség. A téma ebben az évben a KLÍMARIADÓ!, a helyszín pedig a zuglói Örs vezér útja.

Art Market Budapest (2019. október 3-6.)

Az ART MARKET BUDAPEST Közép- és Kelet-Európa vezető és Európa egyik számottevő művészeti vására, Magyarország legnagyobb, évente megrendezésre kerülő kortárs kiállítása. A 2019-ben kilencedik alkalommal jelentkező esemény közel 6.000 négyzetméteren mintegy 500 művész több ezer alkotását mutatja be.

September tour guide

Autumn is coming! For many, this means returning to the gray everyday, whether it be work or school. But true car lovers know that life doesn’t stop there either. Let’s see what kind of car programs and interesting things are in store for us this September and what happened so far this month.

Final clash 2019 (Saturday, September 21, 2019 – Tököl Airport)

One of the largest motoring events in the country, this year’s program awaits visitors with high-quality programs. Competitors match their skills across multiple courses and categories. There will be drift racing, acceleration racing, rim endurance racing, and even Car Limbo! The event is completely child-friendly, so it’s not the last of a family program.

Drag Racing 2019:

Drag Racing has arrived for its last race. The event will be held on September 28 in Kiskunlacháza. The details have not yet been shared with the event organizers, but speed and excitement are guaranteed. In addition to the races, the 11th National Diesel Meeting will also take place.

Form 1 September

Good news for Formula 1 fans. There will be a more frequent Formula 1 program in September than every month so far. There are a total of 4 races, of which we are already over two. In Belgium and Italy, Ferrari’s young pilot Charles Leclerc triumphed. The next race will be held in Singapore on September 22nd. Then, the field of “speeding circus” will visit Russia on September 29th.

Bugatti Chiron and the record

September 2019 is an important date in the history of car acceleration, as the Bugatti Chiron broke the previous speed record. So the current record is 490 km / h. Under ideal conditions, this speed could have even increased to 515 km / h, according to Bugatti engineers. It is absolutely amazing to think that the car will run 130 meters in 1 second at 400 km / h and more than 500 km / h. Who would you dare try? : D

August program guide

No summer without Lake Balaton! In the August referrals, we are now writing about catchy Lake Balaton programs that you would miss.

Jazz Fiesta Balatongyörök (August 1, 8, 17)

For the past 10 years, Balatongyörök has been honoring the genre of jazz at a home party. On August 1st, Balázs Dániel and Écska Pleszkán will be introduced, on May 8 current and former mayors will join together for a joyful music, and at the closing event on 17, we will have a look at the genres of the blues.

 SUPlement – Sunset SUP (August 2, 4, 9, 11, Alsóörs)

We can paddle along the rich wildlife of Paloznak on the top of an SUP 4 times during the month to enjoy the fabulous sunset and the calming power of nature from a new perspective. Beginners can also apply! Meeting at Pelso Camping in Alsóörs.

Wine Week in Balatonfüred (August 9 – September 1, 2019)

The iconic part of Füred, Tagore Promenade, awaits holidaymakers with award-winning wines and free concerts for 3 weeks. Performers include Sena, the High Mountain Underground, and even the Clement Coat formation honors the wine festival.

43rd Boglár Harvest Festival (August 16-20, 2019, Balatonboglár)

The 43rd harvest festival will be held in Balatonboglár at the end of August. The most popular bands will be performing on 3 stages for 5 days; In addition to the quality products of the South Balaton Wine Region, there are also new wines from other wine regions of the country. The concert also features PASO, Paddy and The Rats, USEME and the legendary Bikini band.

Fonyód Dog Festival August 17, 2019 (August 17, 2019)

This summer’s best waterfront dog party will feature agility shows and themed professional presentations, and even a large-scale charity event! The Hortobágy Bird Park staff will also be present and will be able to purchase dog-related products. f

July Program guide

Red Bull Air Race

Between 13 and 14 July this year, the Red Bull Air Race will arrive at the shore of Lake Balaton: the race will move from its usual location to Zamardi. Due to the impressive lakeside, music festivals and the wine region of the area, the sports were closed to the heart of the city, especially water sports.

Balaton Sound Festival July 3-7

For the seventh time, it invites the adventurers of the free beach of Zamárdi to be the most popular premium event in Hungary. More than 300 performers will turn over in 5 days, including some 100 international stars, on Europe’s coolest waterfront party at 20 venues.

Bánkitó Festival July 10-14

Between 10 and 13 July, Bánkitó Festival is once again with the latest and most exciting bands of the Hungarian and European music scene. Viagra Boys arrives from Stockholm, Sweden, with their first hit on Pitchfork’s ‘2018 Top Numbers’ list, and Vancouver’s Grammy Award-winning Canadian Electrode Bob Moses. Fran Palermo and Middlemist Red will play their songs on the big stage in an unusual way this year at a concert. Bánkitó is also on stage, but the lake and the sun will stay!

Citymatine Vacation July 19-21

Beach, chill and dance for 3 days enjoying the most beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton in Fonyód!